Week 1

The first thing I had to learn was: CUT YOUR DRINKING DOWN NOW!

I`ve always been a friend of the bottle and there wasn`t a problem if I went to work half drunk and out of my mind from the night before. But this here is different, from the moment you enter the Studio you gotta be there 100%. And that counts for me, too, even though I am not even close to the moment I do my first tattoo.

Most of the time I spend drawing, working on my own sketches or on stuff Oli tells me to do. I clean the place, I make appointments and talk to clients. Once in a while I ask Billy to give me a short lesson and he is always so positive about my scribbling. Later this week Oli made me do my first stencils, which means redrawing lines in a sketch so they can be inked. Try to do this with a buzzing head and shaky hands… if the night before had been a wild one you are in deep shit. Straight lines ain`t easy and circles are almost impossible. Focusing all the will left in me I managed to produce some decent stencils, but I prefer doing those with a swift hand and a clear mind. So no more booze for me. Seriously, that stuff kills my brain.

Next challenge: Drawing a coat of arms for Oli`s motor club. Man, he made me sweat, he wanted the sketch ready by Saturday, so I could finish the thing the following Tuesday (Monday is our day off) and he wanted it done well. But he did not treat me to hard, he just gave me a few tips on the shape and some details he expected to be in there.

Let`s see where this takes us. The first week was great, I listen to music and I draw under the watchful eyes of two intelligent guys, what else could I ask for?

Song of the week: DEADLINE-We are not American


~ by gravesnbg on May 16, 2011.

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