Week 6

Well, this week was amazing, sun was shining, nice art was produced and everybody`s generally in a fine mood.

I have the deepest repect for our custumors, watching some of them getting chest-pieces or their entire calves covered without a sign of pain amazes me every time. They come in with the funniest, smartest and most interesting ideas, they bring us sweets and cake, they drop by just to say hello. I went to a Devils Brigade show with some of them and I was one of the best nights I had in weeks. By the way, seeing Matt Freeman (bandleader of Devils Brigade, bassplayer of Rancid and a living  legend) play an awesome show and then come to the merch-stand to mingle with the fans, have a beer and talk… it`s a fine thing to see that a person you admired for are long time from afar actually is down-to-earth in real life. I`m officially a groupie by now and got his signature inked on my chest…

Song of the week: Rancid – Black Derby Jacket


~ by gravesnbg on May 23, 2011.

One Response to “Week 6”

  1. Hi Paco!
    so, so schöne neue Zeichnungen! Schöner Blog, liest sich super und ich weiß jetzt
    auch was “fumes” bedeutet. Bildungsauftrag erfüllt!
    Freu mich schon dich/euch bald wieder zu sehen!

    Grüße, Jens

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