Week 7

What can I say, I`m still having a great time even though by now I have been:

-knocked to the ground

-shot at with peas

-shot at with nails

-slapped around

-forced to make coffee… and drink it!

What came to my mind these last few days is how people think about tattooers and how they really are. Usually they are thought to live the rock`n`roll lifestyle: Excessive partying, fast cars, easy women (or men), free tickets for every rockshow in town… Now guess what, that simply isn`t true. Many of these guys are even more conservative than your mom, they just dress different. They are strictly monogam, they stay away from scenes and shows, they don`t party to much, because THEY HAVE TO WORK THE NEXT DAY,TOO! What they all have in common is strong individuality, even if some of them are kind of simpleminded. But you don`t have to be a genius to make the dicission to leave a dull job and take up a better fitting one, do you? And they chose to be different, but that is not necessarily a negative thing. So next time you go to your local tattoo shop, don`t respect the guys for their “cool” lifestyle, respect them because they dared to grab life by the balls.

Song of the week: The Seizures-15 minutes of fame

…and here some work in progress:



~ by gravesnbg on May 31, 2011.

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