Week 8

This was a short week, the studio was only open for two days, so we went for a few days off and Ihad a little time to make up my mind about a few things:

In the store I used to work I was known as the hesh-punk-guy, I always got in conflicts over clothes, music and the way of life people chose. After only seven or eight years people started accepting me the way I was and the other way around, I got labeled Uncle Punkrock and we all got along fine. I turned into the “crumpy old guy”, kicking people around to make them work or drink or laugh. Now, in  the studio I am labeled the clean cut, funny skater-guy… which luckily is no reason for any conflicts  (even though now it`s my turn again to be kicked around a little).

I think it`s interessting how identities are created by ourselves and by others, one can do the same things for a long span of time and is still seen totally different by ones environment within days or even hours… so I guess it`s the best for me to keep doing what I do, being who and what I am: A scumy guy who loves music, art and literature… Daddy liky!

Song of the week: Meshugga – Bleed

And now for something completely different:


~ by gravesnbg on June 6, 2011.

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