Week 10

Doubts? I start to have them… after years of being a misanthropic, sociopathic pessimist I find it hard to adapt to a environment that just doesn`t make this kind of cynic selfprotection necessary. This week a costumer gave me a copy of Banksy`s “Wall and piece”, remarking: “It won`t buy you food, but I thought you might enjoy this.” So what can I say, it is getting better every day!!! Free books, noisy music…

I start to learn more about the machines and the needles, I made a complete design and put the stencil on the guy, I am getting closer to actually tattooing for the first time step by step. And the more I learn, the less I am scared of the idea of edging colour in somebody`s skin. My friends are extremely supportive, many of them have already offered to be canvas for my first tries and I keep on drawing in order to get over my (luckily not complete) lack of talent. I keep my eyes open, my ears to the street and looking for more influence and ideas, there is much to be seen and to be learned.

Song of the week: Pearl Jam – Push me, pull me

Note: As you should be able to tell from my choice of music I am NOT a supporter of facist ideas, one way to deal with nazis though is laugh about them, alas: SS-girl-pinup.


~ by gravesnbg on June 20, 2011.

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