Week 15/16

I got to do my first tattoos and all of them were cool motives: 2 crosses upside down and an anchor. I filled in color on two more victims and honestly, it is kind of difficult. You don`t know where to place your hands, you don`t know where exactly the needle is and basically you feel like you had two left hands with five sore thumbs. But the outcome isn`t too horrible, I guess I will work them over in a year and things will be fine. Big Thanks to the costumors that offered their skin to support me (and my girlfriend who now wears a shaky old school anchor)!!!

It`s fun to steadily learn new things, shapes and shadings and to realize that once in a while others can learn from you. And it`s even more fun to fight over music everyday, three hardcore music fans with different tastes equals many reasons to hackle one another. And just to piss them off:


1: Gangland burries its own – Get the fuck out of Reno

2: The Redskins – It can be done

PS: Read Jack Grisham`s “An American Demon”


~ by gravesnbg on August 29, 2011.

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