Week 18

I finally got to hurt the first few people and it wasn`t all that bad. No difficult stuff here basic little motives so I could get a feeling for the machine and the needle. It`s defintily not as easy as it looks, but as long as you keep calm and focus to keep your hand steady it may work well.

Yesterday I tattooed my guitarplayer and it was the most relaxed sesion ever, listening to Monk, Brubeck and Coltrane while inking a violin clef is a nice thing to do. He just started his studies in Music with a focus on Jazz so I wish him the best of luck!!! Talking about music: My Ipod was banned from the studio, it seems like Noise Rock, Punk and Bebop aren`t for everyone… which I can understand. No bad feelings.

Song of the week: Dead Kennedys – Holiday in Cambodia


~ by gravesnbg on October 1, 2011.

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