Week 20: A resume.

After more than six months in this motherf***er it is time to take rest and think about what is going on:

I quit a sh*t job in order to start from zero, sure my parents were kind of disapointed that I chose this work instead of working for a magazin or in a library, but they seem to accept it as a this fact quiet well. My friends, even though some of them were kind of sceptical in the beginning, continue to support me, at least they buy me a drink once in a while, because right now I am poor as a church mouse. I knew that beforehand though and I saved some money to pay my rent and to keep me from starving.

The studio itself  is great, there`s always something interesting going on, the custumers are nice, there`s only minor fights about music, like:




A+B:”Shut up!!!”

…I can wear what I want, draw what I want and scrub the floor as much as I want, so what more can I ask for? It sure isn`t a  job for lazy people, it is hard work at times, but I chose this and I am still very happy with my decision. I wouldn`t go back to my old job for money.

Thanx to all you guys reading this, especially Animal Mother, Fräulein Müller and Vanillabear… you keep me focused!

List of some more songs that turn me on:

Drive Like Jehu – Caress  (Amazing Noise-/Punkrock: “Everything is swolen, everything is swell, everybody`s falling!“)

Deftones – Hexagram (Deftones love Drive Like Jehu, I love Deftones…)

Gill Scott Heron – Lady Day and John Coltrain (Soulmusic that keeps me up on a rough day)

John Coltrane Quartet – On green dolphin street (Originaly by Miles Davis on the amazing Kind of blue album)


~ by gravesnbg on October 20, 2011.

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