Here we go again…

I start to do my own first little works and it actually is alot of fun. Once you get into it, you are completely focused on the motiv, the needle and the skin, you only see this small spot of flesh in front of you, you don`t here the music… but you can do some smalltalk, which usually isn`t exactly my strength.

The costumers still are amazing, they keep providing us with sweets, chips and great ideas. It couldn`t be any better right now!

The winter has reached our cozy little town, even though it isn`t snowing yet. There is a lot of time to hide away from the outside and sit back, draw, listen to music and to dig deep into the motives you work on. I might get used to this…

Song of the whatever: Dance Hall Crashers – Go!


~ by gravesnbg on December 3, 2011.

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