It`s my party and I cry when I want to…

So I turned thirty, or, as my aunt from the states put it: “…into an ooooold man!” But honestly, I feel pretty good for my age, the weekend was great, we had a little party in the band room, everbody showed up and was in a surprisingly good mood, some beers were anihilated, liver got punished and without any ecxeption I recieved the most amazing and thoughtful presents. I am not into this Birthday=Money-thing, but seeing that people actually care about your interests and know you well enough to give you a book on Jazz instead of a Manga is something I really appreciate! So thank all you fellas for the good time and all the stuff I recieved.

At work I good a delicious cake and made some new appointments, my “career” gets going… I´m still drawing a lot, sometimes my fingers get sore, I dream of lines and shadings and the positioning of motives. I try not to let my work enter my private life to much, but as I am still fascinated by it and find new artists and ideas everyday I keep babbeling about all the time. I`m sorry if I annoy some of my friends, but this is so much my thing I can hardly believe it. For the first time I start to feel something like ambition: I will surely never be the best Tattooer in the world (if there is something like that) but I know that I can do a good job, be creative, work together with the custumors and give them something they can enjoy for the rest of their lifes.

Song of the now: Hepcat – Beautiful


~ by gravesnbg on December 13, 2011.

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