Sun is shining over our cozy little town once again, the winter finally is out of here! Blue sky, blossoms, coffe in the afternoon sun… life is a beautyful bitch at times.

Work goes on and still is as much fun as I could ever imagine. I draw and paint like there is no tomorrow, I ink people who still come up with the sweetest ideas, some just offer me a piece of skin and are like: “Just go for it, something oldschool, whatever comes to your mind…” I sure like that!  I hopefully get my very own station to work at, so I can make appointments when ever I want, because right now I`m cut down to two days a week, since I share my spot… but SOON…!

Right now I am looking forward to a trip in the USA to meet my family again after fourteen years. One week may be a little short for a visit in Gary, Indiana (nearby Chicago) AND St.Louis, Missouri, but seven days is better than nothing. I`m so going to go shopping for books, AAAAAAAWWWWYYYYEEEEAAAHHHH!!!!

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This time there will be to songs of the now. Id like to thank J. at BTM Guitars for showing me Counterparts and the mighty Bombo for getting me into Mastodon (I know, they have been around for a while). Enjoy!!!


~ by gravesnbg on March 29, 2012.

2 Responses to “Springspringspringspringspringspringsummerwinterdeath…”

  1. hey paco!

    die neue counterparts ist auch fantastisch – fast so fantastisch ist auch, dass ich mit danger und co am 14.04 in der hauffklause ein unplugged konzert gebe…

    ich komme aber auch bald mal wieder zum kaffee und ein bisschen mehr farbe brauch ich auch

    und nen neuen avertine song gibts auch wieder….

    bis bald!

  2. Sehr schöne Sachen zeigst du da Paco.
    Kannst gerne mal unseren Stuff durchsehen wenn du magst



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