Oh look, it`s autumn again.

Spring was a fake, we are freezing our asses of again, it`s around 5°C here. But that gives me the chance to focus on my “job”, reading through books of symbolism, ancient and modern arts, browsing through the works of other tattooers and keeping it calm.

The walk-in-day finally paid off for me, a client came in asking for “something old-school, like an anchor…” , so we sketched it up, stenciled it an within two hours the job was done. Since he was a reggae DJ, we happily agreed on listening to some ska-records and I think we both had a smooth session. I understand that when you get tattooed your are under enough physical and mental stress, so why not make it a little easier and give the clients the chance to relax with some music they at least do not find disturbing. It was a very pleasant day, I had a fun motiv to work on, the client was happy and a beer or two after work rounded the whole experience of. Damn, I still consider myself one lucky bastard being able to do this!

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Song of the now: Fluf – Pushin`back days : Some of you might remember this track from an old 411VM skatevideo from the mid-ninetys… good times!!!


~ by gravesnbg on April 8, 2012.

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