Back from the USA…

I took a week of to visit my family in St Louis and Chicago and damn did I have a good time! Most important thing there? Food, of course and I don`t speak of some sick fast food stuff here ( well, I had some Taco Bell once) I`m talking of BBQs and some rich delicious homemade dinners, that put some pounds on me.

I got to see some pretty amazing stuff, downtown Chicago is a blast, a little like Gotham City in the old Batman movies, the architecture is just beautyful there. St Louis is a nice city, too, but to hot for me. Apart of the sitseeing I am a kind of irritated by the states. In this one week there was the Chicago Carnage, random shootings in which ten people got killed and forty other wounded, making the city the “Capitol of Violence”. Then there was the Miami Cannibal, who tried to eat another man`s face… on a highway. And Donald Trump still won`t believe that his president is american… That was a harsh contrast: My family, who are awesome and the “reality”, that is kind of scary.

I did not draw or even sketch while I was there, it was time to reset my brain, so there is nothing tattoo related in this post:)

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And now for something completely different:

I noticed how many people think that punkrock is a nihilist, hedonistic, stupid game for wasted kids… IT IS NOT! Punk is about being excited, but never contented with life! It`s about creativity and a positiv state of mind. It`s not about fashion or hairstyles or whatever. Remember that not every punkband was as musically challenged as the Ramones, not every punkband is as antisocial as The Exploited and dont`t even let me get to MTV bands like Green Day or Offspring. If you want to get an idea about punk, check out “Real Conversations no.1” by V.Vale, a book with interviews of Jello Biafra (Dead Kennedys), Henry Rollins (Black Flag) and Lawrence Ferlinghetti (writer)!

If you want to reallyget into the music, check out bands such as Operation Ivy, early Bombshell Rocks, Dead Kennedys, DFL, F-Minus, Cause for alarm or Money left to burn from NBG and the Seizures from NBG! Even though the music won`t appeal to everybody, try to get the message…

Some much for the preaching, enjoy this post`s song: F-minus: Light at the end …ahahahah you`re gonna hate it!!!


~ by gravesnbg on June 5, 2012.

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