Man, was I lazy…

Sorry everbody for not updating my blog the last few months. I got caught up in a routine of sketching and drawing only interupted by some days on which my mind went blank and I didn`t do anything at all… I am still gathering some of the stuff that I drew, because I gave much of it away without making a copy.  As soon as I have them, there will be a new post, that finally makes some sence again. Until then I might as well entertain you with some random stuff that makes me happy…

…e.g. playing a show at a friends open air birthday party. It was loud, noisy and as usual fun… I enjoy watching the reaction of the audience, since the music is kind of weird, with a lot of distortion and feed back, strange structures and rythms, nothing people expect… we usually try to find a sweet melody and then do everything to totally f*** it up. Once people get this, they start to enjoy it, but the first songs usually get one big frown.

Later in early autum I took a trip to the city of my birth Berlin to see a show of Toe, a japanese instrumental rock band together with my drummer Don and my guitarplayer Effi. Many people don`t understand why one would pay a lot of money and spend a lot of time traveling just to see some obscure band… seriously: I am not just going to watch it on Youtube and be satisfied. The trip itself is already so much fun everytime, roaming through a more or less unknown city with your friends is even more fun and seeing an amazing band live and being able to talk to them is uncomparable. It was so good, I even forgot to take pictures of the concert! But Berlin is full of art to look at everywhere, I got to visit my old friend Kalle, who I hadn`t seen in years and I visited the amazing Lowbrow Tattoo Parlour, who are some of the friendliest and most relaxed people I`ve ever met. Just two good days. (Thanks again to Effi and Don for behaving like human beings when it counted and not like the wasted beasts that we were due to an unusual and unhealthy abuse of alcohol…)

Now that it`s winter, I armed my self with inspirational material: Literature, history,art and music. The Nuremberg Library has re-opened, so finally I can spend my days off there again, browsing and reading . For now, I got myself some fine stuff… enough for the next two weeks.

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Songs of the now:  For the relaxed:   Art Blakey and the Jazz Messangers – Moanin`

                           For the headbangers:  Fugazi – Waiting room

PS: I`m still drawing, I promise, look how busy my table is 🙂


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