I recently got some remarks on the motivs I like to draw: Most argued that I do too much naive stuff…

Honestly, I like this way of depicting things, that`s why I do it a lot. It`s got a timeless aesthetic to it, with a long tradition behind it which I think is very fitting for a tattoo… I don`t want to put something on a client, that simply follows a trend. It should be something that still pleases them in 30 years and the basic, simple but clear looking traditional motivs wil do just that. And the more I draw these, the more I learn about how to create a good clean tattoo.

However I don not want to constrict my self to this way of drawing/tattooing. I am open to any idea, any style that might come into a client`s mind and I will happily use it if it will look good and last well in the skin. So if you got something on your mind, just let me know!

The ship is sold, now I´m looking forward to tattooing it!

Song of the now: Beatsteaks – I don`t care as long as you sing

After ignoring this band for 13 years, I have to admit they are an alright rockband with a few great songs in their bag.


~ by gravesnbg on February 13, 2013.

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