How it`s done.

Maybe some of you aren`t aware of how getting a tattoo works (at least in our humble parlour), so I have a little something for you:

An entire workprogress and all the information you need in one illustrated post.

Step 1: Contact us.

When you have made up your mind what motive you want to get, you com to our parlour, choose the tattooer whos style you like, tell him your ideas and make an appointment. In this case the client opted for a rose in front of a moon.

Step 2: The appointment

We create a sketch (which we usually don`t give away before hand) and talk about it with the client. The client didn`t really feel the sparkles, so we took them out. Then we chose the right size by copying the design to various sizes.IMG_6106Then we make a stencil, which is a basic linedrawing of the design and I prepare my station… well, I smoke a lot so this may take unnessecary long. IMG_6086The stencil is printed on the skin and dries into the skin within a few minutes, so I have some orientation while I work. While it dries, I smoke some more cigarettes…IMG_6091After that I do the lining, add details and depending on my mood and the client`s condition, some shading. Then it`s time for another cigarette. We finish the whole thing, clean it and wrap it up well, we tell the client how to take care of his new tattoo and everybody`s happy.IMG_6101Thanx for your time and your ideas!


Song of the now: John Coffey – Romans

Go see them when they are in your area, one of the best life bands I`ve seen in years, they even made the stubborn nuremberg audience sing and dance!



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