The end of everything…and January…

So I noticed I got a little picture-heavy during the last posts, so here`s a little brainstew…

I can`t get over the fact how priviliged I am being allowed to work as a tattooer. Not because it`s an easy job (it sure is not), not because I make a lot of money (I sure do not) and not because it gives me a certain social status ( still lots of stereotypes out there) but because it is something I truely love. It takes up alot of my time, because it`s not like I leave the parlour and my work is over. I still spend hours sketching for clients, researching references, drawing in order to keep progressing. I try to stay inspired and not copy other artists work or, even worse, my own. I try to find a fitting, original style for every single person that allows me to tattoo them, because that`s what they deserve. Sometimes they surprise me though, because often they ask for a copy of something they found online or actually ask for something “standard”. I really try to avoid that! We can do something aesthetically pleasing even though it is not standard. I´m not the one to judge somebody`s ideas about his tattoo, but I try to take a slight influence on it. Not because my ideas are principially better, but because it is my professional point of view backed by some experience. I highly appreciate the fact, that most people are willing to accept this.

The interaction with the people, the time I (have to) spend looking through all the amzing art that was created in the past and is being created somewhere right now and doing that for aliving… it can`t get any better for me right  now. So I would like to say thanks to Oli for offering me an apprenticeship, Billy Bernert for patiently helpingmy shitty drawing develop and the Visvajara crew for being outstanding nice people!!! And of course my friends that do not give a f*** about tattooing and keep me down to earth and interested in reality…

And if you wonder what a good teacher looks like: Here`s Oli!


In other news: I created a tumblr account just to see what happens. I will use this blog a little less often and mostly for announcements while putting most of the visual stuff on

Song of the now: The Smiths – I want the one I can`t have

You can`t go wrong with the Smiths, if you ever feel to happy, they will bring you right down. I have the strangest love for them.


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